Notes to Self

March 19, 2010


Pages from my sketchbooks.  I draw during meetings at work, in waiting rooms, on airplanes, in parks waiting for soccer to be over.  I also draw when I can’t sleep, or am ill or ill-at-ease.  I know this is what settles and balances me.


At these times, I am able to draw with an uncritical mind.  Drawing becomes a process of reflection and mindfulness.  I am taking notes on something, but not aware at that time what that might be. Activity and talk and noise is usually all around me, but somehow through this process, the mind is free.


The material can later become a springboard for other works on paper, or in fibers, jewelry, whatever they are meant to grow into.


One Response to “Notes to Self”

  1. deborah Says:

    Exciting energy and form. I see your mind is free in these drawings… when my mind is free my drawings are very different than yours. This is interesting. Yours are surprising..I didn’t imagine you thinking this way.
    Yours are so much abstract form and pattern. Mine are more fragmented and story-like.
    I’m happy to see your drawings, Thanks for showing them.
    Love, deborah

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