The poetry of Hafiz, and drawings on love and the Beloved

April 3, 2010

 A couple of years ago I was asked to participate in a group show, the theme of which was Love.  At the time, I was reading the poety of Hafiz, and decided to do some drawings in contemplation of his expression of divine love and his yearning for the Beloved.  What emerged in my work had to do with light, essential nature, and the soul soaring on divine wind.

I worked on hand-pressed paper with Senelier oil pastels, so happy to find that I could build up surface like I could with paint.

Only that Illumined One
Who keeps
Seducing the formless into form
Had the charm to win my heart.
Only a Perfect One
Who is always
Laughing at the word Two
Can make you know of love. – Hafiz


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