idea evolution

March 4, 2010

Silk, burlap, hemp, canvas, indigo tie-dye from Mali, and undyed linen.  Oh, and wool felts from old sweaters.

A new project is on the horizon.  A line of bags, designed with proportion and function in mind.  Re-thinking how we carry things.

Each design, one of a kind, lots of hand-stitching left in to honor the process.

I found great colors of cotton twill tape and carpet threads at an old upholstery shop downtown, and bought Japanese silk

quilting thread from a textile vendor at the Gem Show.


Embroidery in silk, linen, and cotton on West African cotton batik.

I was interested in the instant that all is suddenly suspended in ice, the deep night, and the brilliance of the moon on snow.  All the seeds, twigs, leaves and pods now wait in anticipation of spring.

I dyed some threads specifically for this work to add nuance to the palette.

blue in progress

February 4, 2010

Experimenting with stitching on top of a piece of linen I dyed last week.  So far, I have only sketched in the compostion, and am beginning the underlayers of stitching.  I think I will work on building up surface with many layers of stitching on the colored ground, mirroring the technique I use in painting.  The patterns from the shibori give me some nice organic shapes to respond to while developing a final composition


January 6, 2010

I am working on two tapestries right now, and while I am doing that, I am thinking about a third.

What do I need to learn? and how can I explore that through stitch?

First, I am thinking about underpainting.  Stitch an entire surface, and then build up from there.  Dyeing the threads will bring transition and continuity, I think.

And I am still thinking about tangles of roots and leaves and new shoots, earth shifted by rain, and stones, the visual relationships.


January 2, 2010

Dyeing threads today.  The weather is sunny and warm, so I worked outside.  I ended up with too many greens and blues, so I will have to have another dyeing session to create a complete palette.

Tidal: 2 works on paper

January 2, 2010

Water in the desert is the intensity of life. A short rain and all that has been sleeping wakes suddenly and and joins a universal dance.

 The water’s edge is the place of transformation and magic.  The water leaves as quickly as it arrives, and the land is always changed as a result.

I am fascinated with the exuberance and perfection that are the forms of nature. I never set out to use these forms, because I always work intuitively, with no set direction,  just working and drawing and letting form emerge as the work progresses.  And yet, I am always led to the same place, to the place where things grow or are weathered or shift and change with wind and light and season.  Seeds hold the promise of forever, roots anchor all that would fly, stones register temperature and record the experience of the land.  I must have much to learn about these things, because I am always here.